Government of New Brunswick

Since 1988, the New Brunswick Human Rights Award has recognized New Brunswickers’ outstanding efforts, achievements, and leadership in the promotion of human rights, fairness, equality and non-discrimination in the province. To recognize the contributions of young New Brunswickers building a better future for the province, the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission established the Youth Human Rights Award in 2019. 

Over the years, Human Rights Award recipients have come from all walks of life; emphasizing the importance of a collective vision; from community builders, academics, First Nations and Black community leaders to non-profit organizations, multicultural and settlement groups and High school sports teams. They all have in common a commitment to advancing human rights and social issues in the province. Our recipients are role models to all New Brunswick citizens, as they endeavour to make lasting changes in the province’s social fabric and aim to dismantle discriminatory practices and systems to make New Brunswick a welcoming and inclusive place for all.


1988: John Calder
1989: Dr. Abdul Q. Lodhi
1990: Gemma Pelletier Caron
1991: Judge Graydon Nicholas
1992: Dr. Fred Hodges
1993: Richard Blaquière
1994: Rev. James Leland
1995: Huberte Gautreau
1996: Dr. Joanne E. McLeod & Madhu Verma
1997: Rev. Eldon Hay
1998: Lena O'Ree
1999: Claudia Simon & Gilbert Sewell
2000: Hampton Elementary School
2001: Alida Léveillé Brown
2002: Multicultural Association of
          Fredericton Inc.
2003: Eugène LeBlanc
2004: Dr. Russell McNeilly
2005: Guy LeBlanc O.N.B.
2006: Hampton John Peters Humphrey

2007: Speaker Noël A. Kinsella
2008: Ken Pike
2009: Woodstock High School Lady Thunder
          hockey team
2010: Elizabeth Fry Society of Saint John,
          N.B. Inc.

2011: Émilienne Basque
2012: Ralph Thomas
2013: John Wood
2014: Corinne Gallant
2015: Bernard Richard  
2016: Anne Huestis Scott
2017: New Brunswick Multicultural Council
2019: Paul M. McDonnell and
           École Abbey-Landry (Youth)
2020: Claudette Bradshaw and 
          Emma Coakley (Youth)
2021: PRUDE Inc. and
          Bailey Desjardins (Youth)

Do you know a youth, individual or organization doing exceptional work to advance human rights in your community? Nominate them for this year’s New Brunswick Human Rights Award