Government of New Brunswick

It is now illegal to use hand-held devices while driving.

When driving, do you do things that distract you from the road - even for a second? New Brunswick now has driver distraction legislation in place. Distracted driving is dangerous and unacceptable. This law will help all of us remain focused on driving and make New Brunswick’s roads safer for everyone.

It only takes a second to send a text, to dial a number, to input information into a GPS. It only takes a second to become distracted, to have an accident, to take a life. Why take the risk?

Driving requires your full attention. Distractions cause us to react more slowly, and they can cause accidents. Studies show that a significant percentage of collisions are the result of distracted driving: “driver distraction is a factor in 8 out of 10 – about 4 million – car crashes in each year.”

Start changing your habits now by keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Help create a culture where distracted driving is socially unacceptable.