FREDERICTON (GNB) – As winter approaches, New Brunswickers are invited to take time during Storm Preparedness Week to get ready for when major storms hit the province in the coming months.

The week is being recognized by the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NBEMO) in partnership with NB Power.

“This week is an opportunity to think about how to be 72 Hours Ready in case of an emergency,” said Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry. “New Brunswickers should have everything they need for at least three days including food, water, medication, batteries, cash and other necessities. Take time to talk with family members and make appropriate plans in case of emergencies.”

Past weather events have shown that any New Brunswick community can be affected: homes and businesses have had to be evacuated due to severe flooding; power outages impacted regions for long periods of time; and major storms paralyzed communities for days.

“We are pleased to work with the Emergency Measures Organization to bring more awareness to the importance of storm preparedness,” said Gaëtan Thomas, president and CEO of NB Power. “We will continue to work with the provincial government and our non-profit partners to ensure the needs of our customers are met in a co-ordinated and predictable way, while power is being restored safely following extreme weather events.”

There are three important components to emergency preparedness:

  • Know the risks: New Brunswickers should evaluate the kind of emergency that can affect their family and their community. Knowing the risks can help them better prepare for any disaster: storms, flooding, train derailments, power outages or other events.
  • Make a plan: Every household needs an emergency plan. It will help families to know what to do in case of an emergency and it takes less than 30 minutes to organize. Family members should take the time to discuss how and where to meet, how to contact each another and what to do in different situations. Write it down and keep it in a safe place.
  • Get an emergency kit: New Brunswickers should have all the necessities for themselves and their families: water, food, flashlights, radio, batteries, first aid kit, prescription medications, infant formula, cash (ATM machines might not be operational in time of crisis).

“Being prepared, informed and educated is the key to good preparation in case of severe weather events,” said Greg MacCallum, director of the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization. “While we encourage all residents to do their part to prepare for emergencies, NBEMO continues to monitor all weather systems that could impact our province and is ready to co-ordinate emergency response operations.”

A 72-Hour Guide is available online. It contains useful information for families to prepare an emergency kit and to make a family emergency plan.

The Emergency Measures Organization co-ordinates preparedness for emergencies. It also co-ordinates provincial response operations during emergencies and administers disaster financial assistance programs during recovery. It works at provincial, regional and municipal levels to ensure that communities are protected during all phases of an emergency.