FREDERICTON (GNB) – The minister responsible for La Francophonie, Robert Gauvin, announced today that the provincial government has written to the partners of the 2021 Games of La Francophonie, urging them to work together to develop funding options by Jan. 30 that would see the games proceed.

In addition to the provincial government, the funding partners include the federal Department of Science and Sport, as well as the cities of Moncton and Dieppe.

“Our government learned about the Francophonie Games file in November,” said Gauvin. “We believe that hosting an international sporting event of this calibre would be an incredible opportunity for the province. However, we are concerned about the increased cost to host the games.”

Gauvin reiterated the province’s commitment to invest a maximum of $10 million towards the Games. He said he believes the federal government’s funding formula to support major sporting events is inadequate.

“As minister, it is my hope that all the partners can work together and identify funding solutions to allow the games to move forward,” said Gauvin. “Unfortunately, if a solution cannot be found, the province will be unable to host the games.”

The ninth Games of La Francophonie were awarded to New Brunswick in 2015, to be held in the Moncton and Dieppe area in summer 2021. New Brunswick is one of 84 member states and governments of the International Organization of the Francophonie. The games are the largest sporting and cultural event of the Francophonie dedicated to youth. They are held every four years in the year following the Olympic Summer Games.