FREDERICTON (GNB) – A new act aimed at improving the likelihood that New Brunswickers will receive money awarded to them through a court decision will come into force on Dec. 1.

“The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act is a complete overhaul of the law on judgement enforcement in New Brunswick,” said Justice Minister and Attorney General Andrea Anderson-Mason. “In many cases people who have received a judgment in their favour struggle to receive what they are entitled to. This act is being brought into force to address this problem and modernize the law.”

The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act will replace several outdated acts. It will apply to all judgments that require the payment of a set amount of money, except for judgments related to child and spousal support. Under the act, RRSPs and pensions are protected from seizure.

New Brunswickers who wish to initiate an enforcement process may reach out to Sheriff Services for more information.