Government of New Brunswick

The institutional Francophonie is a group of 88 States and governments that use French as a common language and have a population of over one billion residents distributed over the five continents, including 300 million Francophones.

The mandate of the International and Multilateral Francophonie Branch is to coordinate and promote the activities of the New Brunswick government within the international Francophonie.

The Branch looks after the development and implementation of the action plan for the international Francophonie with the objective of identifying economic, cultural, institutional, and other opportunities for the people of New Brunswick.


The institutional Francophonie:


New Brunswick’s bilateral agreements:


Between the Province of New Brunswick and the State of Louisiana, USA

2019-2023 action and cooperation plan 

Signed by the Minister responsible for La Francophonie (French Copy)

The Province of New Brunswick and the State of Louisiana share historical and cultural ties, consolidated through interactions successively structured by a declaration as a “sister state” signed by the two regions in 1977, and a Memorandum of Agreement between the Maritime Provinces and the State of Louisiana, signed in 1991 and renewed in 1994.

In 2014, the governments of the two jurisdictions confirmed their desire to promote and support joint initiatives targeting the development of their respective communities by signing a cooperation agreement in which the parties made a commitment to develop an action plan to establish cooperation in the areas of the economy, youth, education and training, and culture and tourism.

The action plan is implemented by partner organizations that have shown interest in carrying out projects in Louisiana or with Louisianans under the auspices of the cooperation agreement between New Brunswick and Louisiana. These partners conduct initiatives under the current action plan using their resources. They are supported as needed by the departments’ programs in their areas of expertise.

Memorandum of Understanding for cultural relations

Signature by the Minister responsible of Tourism, Heritage and Culture

An agreement signed in October 2022 aims to strengthen cultural, artistic and heritage links between New Brunswick and Louisiana. At the 2019 World Acadian Congress, the two jurisdictions recognized the need to facilitate and support the promotion of culture, heritage, and tourism in their respective jurisdictions. The memorandum of understanding recognizes the value that vital, creative individuals, institutions, businesses and communities have on the economic well-being of New Brunswick and Louisiana. It includes initiatives designed to promote cultural, artistic and heritage links; share best practices from the creative field, heritage and museum spaces that could foster new partnerships and cross-border activities; and identify the professional development needs in heritage and culture in both jurisdictions with educational institutions.


Between the Province of New Brunswick and le Département de la Vienne, France

2019 to 2024 cooperation protocol 

Signed by the Minister responsible for La Francophonie (French Copy)

Le Département de la Vienne, France is the equivalent jurisdiction in the French government for the provincial government in a Canadian context.  New Brunswick and le Département de la Vienne share historical and cultural ties that have been maintained and strengthened through several cooperation agreement renewals since 1983. The last renewal took place in 2019 for a period of five years.

The renewal of the cooperation agreement with La Vienne provides both jurisdictions with an opportunity to promote tourism, business, and provincial skills. It promotes student mobility for short-term study periods and professional internships. In addition, some students involved choose to immigrate to New Brunswick after their studies or internships.  Furthermore, under this cooperation agreement, New Brunswick students have an opportunity to develop their skills through their internship experiences in La Vienne.

We consider France an important partner for New Brunswick. It is a gateway to Europe, just as New Brunswick is a gateway to America for France. 


Between the Province of New Brunswick and the Republic of Benin

2021 to 2026 cooperation protocol

Signed by the Minister responsible for La Francophonie

There are ties of friendship and cooperation between the Province of New Brunswick and Benin that are consolidated by their values of freedom, democracy, justice, and solidarity. Desiring to establish a formal framework for closer cooperation between Benin and New Brunswick in areas of common interest, particularly in the sectors of education, the economy, trade, industry, science and technology, culture and tourism, a joint committee with representatives of New Brunswick and Benin will develop an action plan to implement the common priority objectives determined.

The Government of the Province of New Brunswick commends the signing of this first framework cooperation agreement with the Government of the Republic of Benin and considers Benin an important partner.