FREDERICTON (GNB) – Premier Blaine Higgs and members of cabinet met today with Anne Kari H. Ovind, Norway's ambassador to Canada.

“New Brunswick’s economy is in transition and today’s meetings with Ambassador Ovind provided an opportunity to learn from the successes in Norway,” said Higgs. “They are a great example of what can happen when you embrace the possibilities that come from smart fiscal management and making the right investments.”

The meeting topics included: ocean sustainability and the blue economy; aquaculture; student exchanges between New Brunswick and Norway; research co-operation; and policies on electric vehicles.

“Innovation takes time, but countries like Norway prove that it is possible,” said Higgs. “We thank Ambassador Ovind for providing the opportunity to meet and discuss topics that are important to both New Brunswickers and Norwegians.”

New Brunswick's largest export to Norway are consumer goods, such as scallops and pet food, which represents more than $852,000 to the provincial economy.

An energized private sector is one of the government’s key priorities. More detail on this priority is available online.