FREDERICTON (GNB) – The Women’s Summit at the World Acadian Congress begins Aug. 17.

Social Development Minister Madeleine Dubé will attend on behalf of Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Marie-Claude Blais, who is also the minister responsible for Women’s Equality.

“As a representative of our government, but especially as a woman, it is an honour for me to participate and to discuss issues that are important to me with hundreds of other women,” Dubé said. “Women are increasingly in the forefront and are taking the initiative, as is evident by this summit."

Dubé will give a speech at the opening of the summit being held at the Edmundston Convention Centre. During the conference, various panellists will discuss the representation and participation of women in the decision-making process.

The summit is an international event organized by and for women to debate issues and matters of concern.

“The Women’s Summit is without a doubt the ideal opportunity to promote the equality of women in our society," said Blais. “Women have a voice, and I am very proud to see them using it and advancing issues that are important to them. I am convinced that many initiatives and possible solutions will come out of this summit.”

The summit will be held in Edmundston from Aug. 17-19, with the theme Partout, les femmes décident… les femmes agissent! (everywhere women decide, women act).