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Physicians wanting to train in the US must provide a statement of need from the Ministry of Health of Canada. In addition to this statement, candidates returning to practice in NB will require a Letter of Support from New Brunswick.


In accordance with United States legislation and Federal Regulations 22 CFR Part 62, foreign national physicians applying for sponsorship as an Exchange Visitor in accredited programs of graduate medical education must meet the federal requirements. One requirement is to provide a Statement of Need from the Ministry of Health of the country of their nationality or last legal permanent residence.
Any physician returning to practice in New Brunswick requires a Letter of Support from this Province.


Health Canada issues these Statements of Need based on existing recommendations of Canadian provincial and territorial jurisdictions. Requirements in each jurisdiction may vary.

If you are interested in returning to practice in New Brunswick, conditions for the Letter of Support from this Province are:
• New Brunswick will support the following specialties: General Pathology, Anatomical Pathology and General Surgery. The province may support other requests for physicians from New Brunswick who wish to obtain a J1 Visa to specialize in a specific area.
• Based on the specialty interest, the province will identify potential areas where the specialty would be required and forward the request from the candidate to the Regional Health Authority.
• The candidate will be responsible to communicate directly with potential employers.
• The potential employer will assess the candidate's documentation and advise this Department of their decision.
• This department must receive confirmation of an employment commitment Return of Service Agreement with a Regional Health Authority where the candidate's field of training is deemed to be required by the Physician Resource Management Plan.
• Once all the above have been met, documentation will be provided to the candidate which could be used for his/her training in the United States which would state that the Province supports this candidate's training in the US; and the area in which the individual is being trained is one in which the province has a present and/or future need in a particular area of the province.

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