Government of New Brunswick


The two Regional Health Authorities provide the Healthy Families, Healthy Babies program.

Healthy Families, Healthy Babies program offers prenatal services that foster healthy pregnancy, and postnatal services that promote the healthy development of children from birth to age 2 years. Among the services included are screening, home visiting, provision of nutritional supplements and referral.


Participation is voluntary for all services. Potential clients may self-refer, be referred by a professional, or by a third party. Eligibility criteria exist for some of the services of the Healthy Families, Healthy Babies program and individuals are assessed when services are requested.


Healthy Families, Healthy Babies program offers a variety of services fostering the health and development of young children from the prenatal stage to age 2 years old.

Prenatal women eligible for services are offered individualized sessions based on the client's identified needs and focusing on a healthy pregnancy, and healthy choices and healthy lifestyles. Some women may also qualify for nutritional supplements. Referral to additional government or community services is done in collaboration with the client to address concerns that go beyond the program's scope.

Postnatal services focus on fostering healthy growth and development of infants and children; enhancing parenting abilities; nurturing family resiliency; and increasing community capacity. Services may be provided in a number of venues including in the client's home. Referral to additional services is done in collaboration with the parent or guardian in response to a particular need of the child.

Healthy toddler assessment (18 months) provides the opportunity for the parent or guardian to discuss the child's growth and developmental milestones with a Public Health nurse and to obtain information on healthy choices relevant to young children.

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