FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government will expand the residential addiction rehabilitative treatment program in Campbellton by repurposing the facility which was originally intended to house the Centre of Excellence for Youth.

The centre of excellence will be relocated to Moncton. Relocating the centre had been recommended by several experts.

“Our government’s decision is in the best interest people who have complex mental health needs,” said Health Minister Hugh J. Flemming. “Relocating the centre to Moncton will increase access to the resources required to best meet the needs of young people struggling with mental health and addiction issues and address the urgent need for New Brunswick patients requiring treatment for addictions and rehabilitation in Campbellton.”

The new location will facilitate the implementation of the original mandate of the centre as a hub of expertise which will:

  • work with universities in researching best practices;
  • provide consultation and training to providers and partners; and
  • care for those in need in a location closer to their homes and families.

The Department of Health will invest $10 million in the 2020-21 capital budget to repurpose the Campbellton facility. Once work on the facility is complete, it will increase from 18 beds to 24 beds for the residential addiction rehabilitative treatment program. An increase in ongoing operational funding will be provided to support the increased bed capacity. The program is designed for persons with addiction and mental health needs.