ST. STEPHEN (GNB) – An additional shift has been added to the hemodialysis satellite unit at the Charlotte County Hospital and a second nurse practitioner will be added to the Charlotte County Wellness Centre in the coming weeks.

“Your government knows that the availability and delivery of health services have a significant impact on the quality of life of the people in our province and the productivity of our economy,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “That is why we are working hard to enhance health care delivery across New Brunswick. Increasing dialysis shifts and hiring a new nurse practitioner will help improve access to health care services for Charlotte County residents.”

The Charlotte County Community Wellness Centre, opened in January 2017 and provides services to residents in the Saint Andrews, Campobello Island, and St. Stephen region. The team currently includes a family physician, a nurse practitioner and administrative support.

The centre is in the process of hiring a second nurse practitioner who will have responsibilities for outreach to communities within the area.

An additional shift at the hemodialysis satellite unit at the hospital will create more capacity by expanding its hours of service.

“At Horizon, we see the value of providing timely access to primary care services within the community every day”, said Karen McGrath, president and CEO of Horizon Health Network. “The addition of a nurse practitioner and the expansion of the dialysis unit are perfect examples of responding to the needs of the community. We are pleased to be improving access to care for the residents of Charlotte County.”