MONCTON (GNB) – A new public education and awareness campaign providing New Brunswickers information on the risks of using cannabis and on how to make an informed decision was launched today.

“Cannabis use will soon be legal and we need to inform New Brunswickers, especially our youth, about the risk factors and empower them to make choices,” said Health Minister Benoît Bourque.

“Our I’m in Control campaign is all about informing teenagers and other vulnerable groups about the importance of understanding the risks and making informed decisions associated with cannabis,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health.

The campaign consists of social media messages, radio, newspaper, digital and mobile advertisements aimed at directing the public to, a special microsite that contains information about cannabis.

“As physicians, the health of New Brunswickers is our greatest concern. This is why the New Brunswick Medical Society has been proactive in our efforts to educate the public about the health risks of cannabis use,” said society president Dr. Dharm Singh. “We are pleased that the provincial government is being proactive in its efforts to communicate with New Brunswickers as legalization approaches. We are an enthusiastic partner in these efforts.”

“The Nurses Association of New Brunswick is thrilled to see the provincial government take a proactive approach to educating vulnerable populations around health risks associated with non-medical cannabis use,” said Kate Sheppard, the association’s senior advisor on education and practice. “Nurses are often a first point of contact in the health system to support patients and their families, and are pleased these resources are available to the public to help them make informed decisions around safe cannabis use.”