BATHURST (GNB) – The provincial government is investing $23.1 million from the 2018-19 capital budget to continue construction of a five-storey addition at the Chaleur Regional Hospital.

“Your government knows a strong and vibrant health-care system is important to New Brunswick families,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “These infrastructure investments will create jobs here in the Chaleur region while making sure the health-care system is of the best quality possible.”

Gallant made the announcement today during a site tour with local MLAs and officials from Vitalité Health Network.

The addition, which joins the hospital’s west facade, will total 15,712 square metres (169,130 square feet). There will also be renovations to 9,360 square metres (100,750 square feet) of space on all five floors of the front tower. The project will create room for a maternal, newborn and pediatrics unit, as well as other units for electrodiagnostics, ambulatory procedures and ambulatory care.

The entire $217-million project is expected to be completed by December 2024.

“This afternoon’s announcement clearly shows that we are committed to patients’ health and to the quality of care they receive,” said Vitalité Health Network president and CEO Gilles Lanteigne. “Therefore, the renovations, as well as the expansion of the Chaleur Regional Hospital, will enable our health professionals to provide a range of superior services which will certainly contribute to improving the level of health of the population, as mentioned in our 2017-20 Strategic Plan.”

The 2018-19 capital budget includes $99.9 million to help ensure patients get the care they need as the government continues to plan strategically around hospitals and health-care infrastructure to provide a level of health care to New Brunswickers that is effective, efficient, and supportive to positive health-care outcomes.