FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government introduced amendments to the Tobacco Sales Act today banning the sale of all flavoured tobacco in New Brunswick, including menthol. The sale of e-cigarette and e-juices to persons under 19 years of age will also be prohibited.

“These proposed changes will serve to make smoking less attractive for all New Brunswickers, especially our youth,” said Health Minister Victor Boudreau. “Discouraging our residents from smoking, especially our youth, will prevent chronic diseases, lower health-care costs and support a healthier population.”

As a result of the amendments that have been introduced, the sale of all forms of flavoured tobacco will be prohibited effective Jan. 1, 2016.

Effective July 1, 2015 the following measures will come into effect:

  • a ban on the sale of e-cigarettes and their liquids to persons under 19 years of age;
  • vapour shops will have age and promotion restrictions;
  • the sale of smoking supplies to minors will be prohibited and these supplies will be hidden from sight. This will include rolling papers, blunt wraps, cigarette filters, cigarette holders and pipes; and
  • product displays and advertising inside a tobacconist shop or a vapour shop will not be allowed to be visible from the outside, and outside advertisement will be prohibited.

“These changes will help to remove some of the products that make smoking more pleasant and attractive, making it less tempting to start smoking and more tempting to quit,” said Dr. Cristin Muecke, acting chief medical officer of health. “The latest surveys on tobacco use show that 52 per cent of the youth who have smoked in the last 30 days used flavoured tobacco. There are also data showing that Canadian youth are using e-cigarettes, which reintroduces the act of smoking to a new generation.”