Government of New Brunswick

The Cancer Patient Navigation Program is a community-oriented service with a goal to provide assistance and support to patients and their families throughout the cancer care continuum, especially in the pre-diagnostic and post-treatment transition to cancer survivorship periods.

Cancer Patient Navigators are nurses with experience in oncology (cancer care) who work closely with patients and their families, the interdisciplinary cancer care team, and with community resources to provide support and to:

  • Remain a constant source of support for you and your family during your cancer journey
  • Link you with supports and other care professionals in your community
  • Ensure you and your family/caregivers have all of the information available about your cancer and treatment options
  • Help you find resources to help with travel expenses during the treatment
  • Coordinate care with the health-care team

This service is available through Horizon Health Network and Vitalité Health Network.  Any health care professional (doctor, nurse practitioner, social worker etc.) can refer you to the navigator closest to your home, at any point during your cancer journey (diagnosis, treatment, follow up, or palliation etc.).

To learn more, see the Cancer Patient Navigation Program brochure or contact your health care team for a referral. 

Visit Pediatric Oncology  to learn more about cancer patient navigation services for children/teenagers.