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Cervical cancer is a preventable disease.  Screening with a Pap test has been shown to reduce mortality from cervical cancer.

Nearly all cervical cancer cases are caused by high-risk Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection.   To reduce HPV infection and cervical cancer in the province, New Brunswick has implemented a comprehensive, school-based HPV immunization program.

For more information on HPV and the provincial immunization program, visit here.



The provincial Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening Program (CCPSP) has been operational since November 2014.

Who can access this program?

  • Screening for cervical cancer using Pap tests are recommended for NB women aged 21-69 who have ever been sexually active with a partner of either gender:
          - Even after menopause (no longer having periods)
          - Even after having the HPV vaccine.

  • Contact your primary health-care provider to discuss cervical cancer screening.

Program Letters:

As part of the NB Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening Program, letters will be sent to eligible NB women (age 21-69) and to primary health-care providers (PCP) in accordance to clinical practice guidelines.

The program will send:

  • Invitation letters to newly eligible women (>21 years of age or relocated to NB) or any women between 21-69 years of age who has not had cervical screening (NO record of a Pap test since 2011 or no record of a total hysterectomy since 2002 in NB);
  • Recall letters to eligible women who have been screened in the past but are overdue for routine cervical screening;
  • Reminder letters to the health-care provider associated to an abnormal Pap test result in cases when follow up is overdue; and six months later, a reminder letter to the program participant and a copy to the associated healthcare provider if follow up has not yet occurred.

NOTE: The Cervical Program does not send letters to women or healthcare providers when:

  • The Pap test result is negative,
  • The follow-up is done according to the Clinical Practice Guidelines for normal or abnormal results,
  • Women are outside the target age group of 21-69, without a cervix, already had a cervical cancer, or choose to “not participate” in the cervical program.


If you have any questions regarding Cancer Screening,
call 1-844-777-3443.