Government of New Brunswick

In completing your Application for Registration or Medicare Change Request, Replacement and/or Renewal forms, supporting documentation may be required.

The following supportive documents may be acceptable by New Brunswick Medicare to prove citizenship, identity and residency.   

Please Note:

  • This is not a comprehensive list
  • The same document may not be used to satisfy more than one requirement.
  • Do not send original documents as we cannot guarantee their return. 


  • Birth Certificate
  • Citizenship Card
  • Passport
  • Indian Status Card
  • Baptismal certificate (if place of birth is identified)

Non-Canadians - mandatory

  • Canadian Immigration Identification Records and Entry Stamp on their Passport
  • Proof of enrollment from an approved learning institution

Acceptable proof of Identification 

  • Birth Certificate 
  • Valid New Brunswick Driver’s License 
  • Valid Passport (Canadian or foreign) 
  • Baptismal Certificate (if place and date of birth indicated) 
  • Valid Permanent Resident Card (front & back) or Record of Landing Document example: (Form # IMM 1000) 
  • Active Temporary Resident Permit issued by Citizenship and
  • Immigration Canada 
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship 
  • Canadian Indian Status Card (front & back) 
  • Legal Name Change Document 
  • Student or Employee ID Card 
  • Previous Provincial Health Card 

Acceptable proof of Residency 

  • Mortgage Document 
  • Rental or Lease Agreement (must be signed by landlord & tenant) 
  • Utility Bill - not older than 2 months (phone, energy, cable/satellite, water/sewer) 
  • Employment Confirmation - current (pay stub or letter from employer on company letterhead) 
  • Insurance Policy (home, tenant, auto) 
  • Valid NB Motor Vehicle Registration 
  • Valid NB Driver's License 
  • Child Tax Benefit Statement 
  • Property Tax Bill (current year) 


NOTE:  The Department of Health is committed to safeguarding your privacy.  Visit our privacy webpage for more information on our privacy practices and about your rights regarding this issue.