Government of New Brunswick

Manufacturers may submit price changes for drugs listed on the New Brunswick Drug Plans Formulary as outlined below. Please note that the New Brunswick Drug Plans cannot accept a submitted unit price that is higher than the listed unit price in any other jurisdiction in Canada for products listed on the Maximum Allowable Price List.

As of January 1, 2017, manufacturers may submit price increases twice per year. 

  • The deadlines for price increase submissions are:
        January 31 (price increase will be effective April 1)
        July 31 (price increase will be effective October 1)
  • Requests for price increases must be sent to and include a completed Price Change Request form. Please include “Price Change Request” at the beginning of the email subject line. Do not copy any NB Drug Plans officials or staff.
  • Only products listed on the New Brunswick Drug Plans Formulary will be reviewed.
  • Manufacturers will be sent an email confirming receipt of the Price Change Request form.
  • Price increase submissions received after the deadline will be considered for the following effective date.
  • Decisions on acceptance of price increases will be sent to manufacturers prior to the effective date.

Price decreases may be submitted throughout the year.

Price Change Request Form

Manufacturers are required to use the Price Change Request form to submit price changes.