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How are premiums determined?

Your premium will be based on your family income, which is verified with the Canada Revenue Agency for the year immediately preceding the current year. Consent is required from each adult applicant to verify income with the Canada Revenue Agency. If consent is not received, you will be charged the maximum annual premium. 

More information is available online.


Premium Payment

Premium payment is due on the first day of the coverage period. Your monthly premiums will be automatically deducted from your bank account each month. For further details on payment of premiums, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions web page.


What benefits are covered?

The New Brunswick Drug Plan covers drugs listed on the New Brunswick Drug Plans Formulary, which can be found on the Formulary web page.


How are prescription claims paid?

Pharmacies that have registered with the New Brunswick Drug Plan as participating providers can submit claims online to the Plan for payment.  All plan members must pay a 30% copayment up to a maximum amount per prescription. 

If a pharmacy has not registered as a participating provider, it cannot submit claims online to the Plan. A member may choose to fill a prescription at a non-participating provider; however, they will be required to pay the pharmacy for the total cost of the prescription and submit the official receipt to the Plan for reimbursement at the address below. Please note that a non-participating provider may charge a member a higher amount for a prescription than the Plan will reimburse.


Overdue Premiums

Members must pay their premiums each month to receive benefits.  If premiums are not paid in full, benefits will not be provided.  If you wish to have no interruption to your drug coverage, please ensure your premiums are paid in full by the required due dates.  You and your spouse are responsible to pay the premiums owing.

Should your coverage be suspended or cancelled, an official notice will be sent in the mail. If you wish to re-enroll in the New Brunswick Drug Plan, at a future date, a reinstatement fee and a waiting period could apply and all amounts owing will have to be paid in full. For further details, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions web page.


Dependants 19 years of age and older

Only dependants under the age of 19, or over the age of 19 with a disability incurred prior to the age of 19 can be included on a family application. Dependants 19 years of age and older (without a disability) are required to complete a separate application form.

New Brunswick laws recognize that people who have reached the age of 16 are able to make independent decisions about how their personal health information is collected and used. As a result, members of the New Brunswick Drug Plan who are 16 to 18 years old must consent to sharing their personal health information with the New Brunswick Drug Plan by completing the consent form


Annual Reassessment of Premium and Copayment

A reassessment of your premium and maximum copayment will occur annually (every summer), based on your family income, as indicated on the Canada Revenue Agency tax return for the year immediately preceding the current year. This annual reassessment will ensure that you are paying the appropriate premium and copayment amounts.


Reassessment of Eligibility for those with Existing Drug Coverage

A reassessment of their private plan drug coverage is required for members who are enroled with the New Brunswick Drug Plan because they have been prescribed a drug that is not listed on their private plan formulary for the prescribed condition (indication) and for members who have reached their private plan’s lifetime drug maximum.

Members will be required to provide an updated written confirmation from their private plan regarding the eligibility of their drug(s) on an annual basis (or more frequently, if deemed appropriate).

If you have been approved for coverage with the New Brunswick Drug Plan because you have reached your private plan’s annual maximum, your coverage will be cancelled when your private plan maximum renews. You will be required to re-apply to the New Brunswick Drug Plan if/when you meet your annual private plan maximum again. 


Change in Circumstances

If you are adding or removing a family member, or if there are changes to your personal or payment information, complete and submit the following form(s):

If your private drug coverage changes (e.g. you obtain drug coverage with a new drug plan), you must complete and submit a new Supporting Application Form – Other Drug Coverage and provide a letter from your new private plan confirming that:

  • the drug you have been prescribed is not listed on the private plan formulary for the condition (indication) prescribed, or
  • you have reached the annual or lifetime drug maximum with the private plan.

To cancel your coverage, call us toll free at 1-855-540-7325.


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