Government of New Brunswick

1. Who is eligible for the program?

The Medical Abortion Program is available to all New Brunswick residents who have a valid New Brunswick Medicare card and who have been prescribed an eligible drug under the Medical Abortion Program are eligible.

2. What does the Medical Abortion Program cover? 

The Medical Abortion Program covers the full cost of drug product Mifegymiso® (mifepristone 200mg / misoprostol 200mcg).

3. Is a special authorization required for Mifegymiso?

No. A patient only requires a prescription and a valid Medicare card in order for the Medical Abortion Program to cover the cost of Mifegymiso®.

4. Is there a copayment?

No. There are no fees or co-payments for patients accessing the Medical Abortion Program.

5. How does the Medical Abortion Program pay for prescriptions for Mifegymiso?

Community pharmacies that fill prescriptions for Mifegymiso® electronically submit claims to the Department of Health for reimbursement.

6. Will the Medical Abortion Program cover the cost of a prescription if it is filled at a pharmacy outside of New Brunswick?

Yes, the Medical Abortion Program may reimburse claims for prescriptions filled at community pharmacies outside New Brunswick, up to the amount that would have been paid if the prescription had been filled in the province of New Brunswick.

7. Where can I find information about abortion services, including Mifegymiso?

Patients may contact their primary care provider for additional information. Alternatively, there are three family planning clinics in New Brunswick who provide counseling and services related to abortions, including Mifegymiso®. These clinics are open to anyone and are located at:

  1. The Moncton Hospital (Moncton), 1-844-806-9205
  2. The Dr. Georges L. Dumont University Hospital Centre (Moncton), 506-862-4000
  3. The Chaleur Regional Hospital (Bathurst), 506-544-3000

8. How will the Medical Abortion Program protect my privacy?

The Government of New Brunswick is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Furthermore, the Department of Health is subject to the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act. Visit our privacy web page ( for more information on our privacy practices and your rights regarding this issue.

9. I have more questions about the Medical Abortion Program and Mifegymiso. Who can I contact?

For more information, you may access the Medical Abortion Program policy or call Tele-Care by dialing 811.