Government of New Brunswick

Claims submitted by community pharmacies must include the following information:

Field Information Required
Carrier Code NB
Group Number or Code J
Patient ID Patient’s NB Medicare number
DIN / PIN 02444038
Prescriber ID Prescriber’s license or registration number (see below)
Prescriber ID Reference Code Code identifying a prescriber’s licensing body (see below)
Drug Cost up to the Manufacturer List Price (MLP)
up to 8%
Dispensing Fee up to $11.00

up to 8%

up to 8%

up to 8%



Unit of Measure

Mifepristone/ misoprostol (Mifegymiso®)

200mg/200mcg tablet



Misoprostol 200mcg tablets*

See MAP List for products


* As a replacement dose in the event that the misoprostol from the Mifegymiso kit is lost.

Prescription claims submitted to the Medical Abortion Program must include the prescriber’s license or registration number, as well as the corresponding Prescriber ID Reference Code which identifies the prescriber’s licensing body.

A prescriber’s license or registration number can be obtained by:

A default ID can only be used when:

  • A New Brunswick prescriber’s license or registration number is unknown. Repeated use of default IDs in cases where a Prescriber ID exists will be subject to audit.
  • The prescriber is from out-of-province.
The information required to identify the prescriber is available on the NB Drug Plans Claim Submission page.

For questions on claim submissions, please contact 1-800-332-3691.