Government of New Brunswick

Patient Connect NB 

New Brunswickers without a primary care provider, can register online for Patient Connect NB.

Important information on the process

  • Patient Connect NB gives priority to patients without a primary care provider and refers people on a first come first service basis by area.
  • It is important to note that patients do not keep their spot in the list should they close their file. To be matched to a primary care provider, the patient would have to create a new registration. Each time a patient registers, a new record is created with the current date of registration and all old registrations are cancelled.
  • If a patient refuses the provider supplied by PCNB, their file will be closed, and they will be required to complete a new registration.
  • If Patient Connect NB is unable to reach a patient on three (3) separate occasions, by phone or mail, their file will be closed.
  • If a provider is unable to reach a patient on three (3) separate occasions by phone, their file will be closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Patient Connect NB?
Patient Connect NB (PCNB) is a provincially-managed, bilingual registry for New Brunswickers without access to a primary health care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner). PCNB replaced all the lists maintained at hospitals and clinics across the province in May 2013.

2. Who is eligible to register with Patient Connect NB?
Anyone who is eligible for a New Brunswick Medicare card is eligible to register.

3. Can those currently living outside the province but planning to move to New Brunswick register?
Yes, but an Individual must have a valid Medicare card from another province to register and their record must be updated with a valid New Brunswick Medicare number within 12 months of registration or their file will be closed.

4. How do I add my name to the list?
Those wishing to be added to the registry can do so online on the Department of Health’s website.  

5. How am I matched to a primary health care provider?
Providers that have capacity in their practice will contact PCNB to advise that they are able to take patients. PCNB will then select the appropriate number of patients without a provider from the registry and send their information to the physician or nurse practitioner. Patients will be contacted directly by the  practice via phone. The practice will make three (3) attempts to contact you by phone and if they are unable to reach you your file will be closed.    

6. How long will it take to be matched to a provider?
The Department of Health and Regional Health Authorities are working on improving access and system capacity with an objective to place everyone that is on the list. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific timelines on how long it will take at this time.  

7. What happens if I am sick and need access to a provider urgently?
The registry may be able to match you to a provider that will support you until you are matched permanently, you need to complete the health assessment for prioritization.

If your health status changes you can contact PCNB by e-mail.

8. Will patients on the list have to provide personal health information? Will this information be protected?
Patients will need to provide a certain amount of health information to assess health needs. All information is considered confidential.

9. Is there any consideration given to the distance a patient is willing to travel to see a primary health care provider?
When you register, patients are asked what their preferred location for a provider and how far they are willing to travel to access care.  

10. What if patients do not wish to see the provider they are assigned to?
If a patient does not wish to be matched to the provider they are assigned to, they must advise PCNB as soon as possible. A new registration will be opened on the date you contact us. It is important to note you do not maintain your spot in the list should you refuse to be matched with a provider.

11. Can individuals who have a family doctor or nurse practitioner but would like to switch to another provider be added to the list?
Yes, but those without a provider will be matched first.

12. What do individuals who have a family doctor or nurse practitioner and wish to complain about the service they receive from the practice.

For physicians, contact the New Brunswick College of Physicians and Surgeons

For nurses, contact the New Brunswick Nurses Association

13. What is the process for those who wish to remove themselves from the registry?
Those who are leaving the province or no longer require a provider are encouraged to inform PCNB to remove their name from the list by e-mail.


Any questions not covered in the above FAQ can be sent to the Patient Connect NB mailbox.