Government of New Brunswick

1.What is Patient Connect NB?

Patient Connect NB (PCNB) is a provincially managed, bilingual registry for New Brunswickers without access to a primary health care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner). PCNB replaced all the lists maintained at hospitals and clinics across the province in May 2013.

2. What is NB Health Link?

This program will provide access to primary health care for New Brunswickers while they wait for a permanent provider (family physician or nurse practitioner).  The program provides patients with access to a network of family physicians and nurse practitioners throughout the province offering in-person, telephone, and online appointments in both official languages. NB Health Link is launching in a phased in approach by health zone.

The network also provides patients with a centralized health record that follows them with each of their appointments, allowing for any follow-up that is needed and providing a true ongoing health care experience.

3. How is NB Health Link different from Patient Connect NB?

NB Health Link has been developed to eventually replace Patient Connect NB as the provincially managed, bilingual patient registry for New Brunswickers without access to a family doctor or nurse practitioner. Patient Connect NB has focused on assigning people to a doctor or nurse practitioner on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although NB Health Link also helps to connect patients with a family doctor or nurse practitioner – while patients wait for longer-term placements with a family doctor or nurse practitioner, they can book an appointment in either official language with one of the network’s doctors or nurse practitioners. The NB Health Link network is also supported by a centralized health record that follows patients from one appointment to another.

4. Who is eligible to register with Patient Connect NB?

Individuals with a valid New Brunswick Medicare card and who live in New Brunswick can register with Patient Connect NB.

For more information on applying for a NB Medicare card, you can visit Medicare - Registration (

5. Can those currently living outside the province but planning to move to New Brunswick register for Patient Connect NB?
No, an individual must have a valid New Brunswick Medicare card and live in New Brunswick to register.


6. How can I register to have my name added to the Patient Connect NB list?
To register to Patient Connect NB, visit the  Patient Connect NB ( website or call Telecare 811.   

7. How do I register for NB Health Link?

NB Health Link has been developed for New Brunswickers who do not have a family doctor or nurse practitioner. The new program is being developed in stages. To be referred to the NB Health Link program, New Brunswickers must be on the Patient Connect list and wait to be contacted. Patients are being called on a first-come, first-served basis by their registration date after the launch of the service is announced in their area. Please be patient. It may take several months to get through the list for your area.

It’s important that if people do get a call from “Patient Connect NB/ Accès Patient NB” that they answer the call. Similarly, if they get a letter, they should also respond to it.  Once registered a welcome package will be sent with information about the service and how to schedule an appointment.

To ensure that you are registered with Patient Connect NB or to update your contact information please visit the Patient Connect website at  Patient Connect NB (

8. Do I have to be registered with Patient Connect NB to be permanently matched to a family doctor?

NB Health Link will be replacing Patient Connect NB. The new program will work to permanently match people with a family doctor or nurse practitioner. They will also provide temporary access to primary health care services for those registered with NB Health Link while waiting to be matched. After you are registered with NB Health Link, registration with Patient Connect NB is no longer required.

Patient Connect NB will continue to refer patients to providers in areas not yet supported by NB Health Link until NB Health Link is province wide.

9.How do I contact NB Health Link?

Once registered with NB Health Link, you will receive a Welcome Package by email or mail. The Welcome Package will have contact information for NB Health Link.  Once registered you will have access to schedule in-person, telephone or online appointments using the online portal or phone number provided. More information can be found on NB Health Link’s website. Homepage | NB Health Link.

10. Will my family be able to register at the same time for NB Health Link?

Immediate family members who live at the same address and meet the eligibility criteria (valid NB Medicare number and without a family doctor or nurse practitioner) can register at the same time for NB Health Link. Must be a spouse, dependent 18 years of age or less, or 65 years of age or more.

11. How am I matched to a primary health care provider?

Providers that have capacity in their practice will contact PCNB or NB Health Link (when active in that area) to advise that they are able to take patients. PCNB or NB Health Link will then select the appropriate number of patients without a provider from the registry and send their information to the physician or nurse practitioner. Patients will be contacted directly by the provider’s office by telephone or email. The practice will make three attempts to contact you. If they are unable to reach you, your file will be closed.  You can reactivate your file by contacting Tele-Care 811.  

12. How long will it take to be matched to a provider?
The Department of Health and Regional Health Authorities are working on improving access and system capacity with an objective to place everyone who are on the list. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific timelines on how long it will take.  

13. What happens if I am sick and need access to a provider urgently?
You can visit the Better Access to Care webpage Better access for you ( to see what options are available for your situation.

14. What if I already have a provider and want a new one?

Patients without a primary care provider are the priority for referral with Patient Connect NB and NB Health Link.  If you are on the list, have a provider but are looking for another, you will be part of a future phase.

15. Will patients on the list have to provide personal health information? Will this information be protected?

Patients will need to provide a certain amount of information to ensure they qualify and that a provider can contact them. All information is considered confidential.

16. Is there any consideration given to the distance a patient is willing to travel to see a primary health care provider?
When you register, patients are asked what their preferred location is for a provider and how far they are willing to travel to access care.  

17. What if patients do not wish to see the provider they are assigned to?
If a patient does not wish to be matched to the provider they are assigned to, they must advise PCNB or NB Health Link if registered as soon as possible. A new registration will be opened on the date you contact us. It is important to note you do not maintain your spot in the list should you refuse to be matched with a specific provider.

18. How do individuals submit complaints about their current family doctor or nurse practitioner?

For physicians, contact the New Brunswick College of Physicians and Surgeons

For nurse practitioners, contact the New Brunswick Nurses Association