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Purpose of the program

Young people are our most precious resource. Some are consuming alcohol and drugs at younger ages, jeopardizing their future. Substance abuse causes physiological, psychological, social and educational problems. These often lead to anger and rebellious behaviour, absence from school, an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle and contact with the law.

The Regional Addiction Services Youth Treatment Program is a community based program offered by the Department of Health and Community Services, through region hospital corporations. It provides treatment to young substance abusers within their own community.

Who it is for?

This program is aimed at all young people between the ages of 12 and 19 who abuse alcohol and other drugs. The aim is to reach young people as early as possible.


This program seeks to:

  • promote a healthy lifestyle by increasing behaviours contributing to healthy lifestyles;
  • improve relationships between youth, their family and other community support systems;
  • provide early access to treatment for young people by involving key agencies that are in contact with youth;
  • increase problem-solving skills among young people;
  • increase self-esteem.


Family empowerment and community/professional support are central to the Youth Treatment Model. Communities and families play an essential role in the recovery process. When a family is not available, addiction services staff will try to set up a community support system. Community addictions workers will promote public awareness about chemical dependency and healthy lifestyles.


This program is based on the belief that:

  • only when young people stop abusing alcohol and/or other drugs can they better deal with the problems that may be at the root of their addiction;
  • treatment must involve the family and the community;
  • the key is the young person's willingness to stop using drugs;
  • participation in the program is voluntary.

Future Perspective

This treatment approach was tested in Health Regions 3 and 6 in 1995. It will now be implemented in each health region of New Brunswick.

How to Contact Us

Services for young people are offered by all Regional Addiction Services centres in each health region. For information, please contact one of the following offices:

Saint John

(506) 547-2086
(506) 856-2333
(506) 674-4300
(506) 452-5558
(506) 735-2092
(506) 789-7055
(506) 394-3615
(506) 623-3375