Government of New Brunswick
Important Dates
Application deadline:  May 30, 2019

The following will be considered when applications are under review:

1. Application is within the limits of the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act

Applications must be consistent with the parameters outlined in the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act.

2. Clear New Brunswick Focus

Applications must demonstrate a clear New Brunswick focus.

Examples applicable:

  • New Brunswick population is the focus of research
  • Researcher is based in a New Brunswick University
  • Program will be implemented in New Brunswick
  • Addresses an issue in a region or population of interest for New Brunswick
3. Commercial value is not the primary focus of the project

Application is not furthering commercial goals or seeking to support the cannabis industry.

Examples not applicable:

  • Discovering new strains of cannabis
  • TCH/CBD extraction technology
  • Promotion or education about a brand
  • Any promotion of cannabis consumption, including for medical purposes

The above being met, applications will be assessed against the following weighted criterion by the Advisory Committee:

  • Project description: 25%
  • Experience of the Organization or Applicant: 15%
  • Adherence / applicability to funding priorities:  20%     
  • Methodology: 30%
  • Literature Review: 10%
  • Budget: Pass / Fail