FREDERICTON (GNB) – New Brunswickers are invited to participate in the pre-budget consultation process for the 2020-21 budget.

“Everyone is invited to share their views on the issues and opportunities facing our province and on how best to address them,” said Finance and Treasury Board Minister Ernie Steeves. “As we consider the 2020-21 budget, we want to hear your thoughts on how best to achieve our goal of balancing our finances, addressing today’s needs, and building a better future.”

Members of the public have until Feb. 25 to send their comments and feedback by email to, or by fax, and to participate in an online survey. Steeves will also host a Facebook Live event on Feb. 18 at 2 p.m.

A pre-budget consultation document has been prepared which provides context on the challenges facing the province, contains current financial information, and lists six questions related to the government’s top six priorities:

  • What are the most important issues when it comes to providing dependable public health care?
  • What opportunities are there to provide a world-class education to our children?
  • How can the private sector be energized?
  • What does a vibrant and sustainable community mean to you?
  • What opportunities exist to improve the value for money in the delivery of government services?
  • What steps should be taken to reduce the province’s $14 billion net debt?

“The budget that we present on March 10 will build upon the financial progress that we have made so far,” said Steeves. “Responsible management of public finances is an ongoing exercise. We must remain consistent in our approach and establish a strong foundation that will benefit our children and grandchildren.”

More information about the pre-budget consultation process is available online.