FREDERICTON (GNB) – Due to the ongoing constraints on traffic and parking created by the flooding, provincial government offices in Fredericton’s downtown core (the area between the Saint John River and Brunswick Street) will remain open for essential services only on Wednesday, April 24. Government offices outside the downtown core will be open as normal.

Employees travelling downtown are strongly encouraged to:

  • use public transit, which is now free;
  • arrange flexible or staggered work hours;
  • move work meeting sites away from downtown or switch to teleconferencing;
  • walk or bike;
  • carpool; or
  • work from home if feasible and appropriate.

Employees who are personally affected by flooding and need to tend to their obligations are not required to come to work.

The flood is continuously being monitored. An update on government offices will be communicated if circumstances change. Employees should check their emails regularly.