FREDERICTON (GNB) – The Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund is issuing its first call for applications.

“The fund’s purpose is to support the building of knowledge and gathering of data to understand the long-range implications of legalized cannabis,” said Finance Minister Ernie Steeves. “The findings will ensure that the programs we have in place will reduce the harm and potential risks, as well as create educational materials for those most at risk, such as the province’s youth.”

The fund is financed through Cannabis NB’s supply agreements with federally licensed producers. It will support:

•           Education and awareness programs on the responsible use of cannabis. This includes developing and implementing policies and programs related to harm reduction and the sale of cannabis, and strategies to reduce the adverse health effects of cannabis.

•           Research projects on the responsible use, prevention of abuse and reduction of adverse health effects of cannabis.

•           Departments, corporations or agencies of the provincial government that pursue education and awareness initiatives regarding the recreational use of cannabis.

The deadline to apply is May 30.

More information on the fund and its eligibility requirements is available online.