Government of New Brunswick

Be part of a workplace that offers unparalleled opportunity for personal growth.

Opportunities to train and develop

  • We foster a shared responsibility for continuous learning and development, and encourage employees to pursue training and development options for their growth and development.
  • Employees have the flexibility to complete online training courses on their own time and pace of learning.  We encourage your involvement with professional associations and attendance at conferences.

Internal mobility within government

  • We encourage employees to explore different roles within government through developmental assignments.  We help employees to understand more about their transferable skills and identify potential growth opportunities in other areas.

Build and invest in our talent

  • We help employees realize their career aspirations, and provide succession planning strategies so they can fill critical positions in the future.

Investment in leaders of today

  • We provide customized training to emerging and existing managers to develop general management skills and competencies.
  • Executives receive a broad range of educational courses to enhance their management and leadership skills, and are given learning and networking opportunities to stimulate innovation and collaboration.