Government of New Brunswick

Within the New Brunswick civil service, competitions are based upon the merit principle to assure the most qualified individual among the applicants is hired for each position. The qualifications for each job are specified in the competition advertisement.

The New Brunswick civil service, as an equal opportunity employer, actively supports workplace equity for all persons and is committed to including and reflecting the population it serves.

What do we offer?

  • A rewarding work environment
  • An opportunity for career development and advancement
  • The tools, training, and support necessary for employees to reach their professional goals
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Employee benefits vary depending upon the occupation and the terms of any applicable collective agreement.

What kind of competitions are available?
Generally, the types of opportunities available with the NB Civil Service are regular full-time and part-time, although seasonal employment is also available.
To cover increases in workloads, departments also hire staff on a temporary basis for assignments. These are known as casual and contract opportunities and can offer valuable experience to individuals interested in securing employment in their skill area.

Do I need to be bilingual to apply for all competitions?
No. New Brunswick is a bilingual province and as such some competitions require degrees of competency in both English and French. However there are competitions which require competency only in English and jobs which require competency only in French. Applicants who do not meet the language requirements specified in the competition will be automatically screened out.

Can I apply for competitions if I live outside the country?
Yes, as long as you are entitled to work in Canada (as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Do I have to submit a new application for every separate competition?
Yes, because each competition has its own Board of Examiners and considers each application individually. Please ensure that your application includes a telephone number where you can be contacted.

How do I apply for a competition?
We encourage you to apply online using E-recruitment but you may also submit your application by mail or email.

What happens after I apply?
You will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your application.  Only those candidates selected for an interview and/or testing will be contacted further.  If you wish to view the status of your competition, you may do so on the status website.  After the competition closing date, the department will review all the applications and select those applicants who meet the qualifications for further consideration.  Subject to the response to a competition, candidates may also be required to have demonstrated on their application one or more of the asset qualifications in addition to the essential qualifications in order to be given further consideration.  Departments will schedule candidates for interviews and/or testing. If you are selected for this stage you will be contacted by the department.  Following the interview/testing process the deputy head or his/her designate will select the candidate for the position. At this time, the status column will change to “position filled”.


Who do I contact to follow-up on my application?
You can contact the Human Resources branch of the department running the competition. Click here for their contact numbers.

What if I would like a career in government but there isn’t a competition that suits my qualifications at the moment?
Periodically we require individuals to work on a casual basis. You can send us your e-resume using e-Recruitment and we will keep it in our database for one year during which you may be considered for this type of employment.  However, regular positions within the civil service are generally filled through the competitive process so you should check this site regularly for new competitions.

Where can I apply for summer positions?
The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour coordinate a summer job program for opportunities within the provincial government, with municipalities and with non-profit groups. Click here for information on the Student Employment and Experience Development (SEED) Program.


What is e-Recruitment?
e-Recruitment is an application that allows you to create and save an electronic resumé that can be used to apply online for civil service competitions . You can also add your e-resumé to the corporate resumé database if you are interested in being considered for other employment opportunities within the government of New Brunswick's Civil Service including casual employment.

How do I access e-Recruitment?
By logging into

Do I need special training to use e-Recruitment?
No. Fortunately e-Recruitment contains a help feature on each screen. This help feature allows you to obtain detailed information about the screen you are currently viewing.

Who can I contact if I require assistance?
Depending upon the nature of the assistance you are seeking, please contact the HR section of the hiring department, to report technical problems, or EEO program staff at if you require assistance with your EEO program registration. For a list of HR contacts for competitions in each department, click here.

How do I create an e-resumé?
Under the heading ‘Resumé’ in the top menu are links to the various sections of the e-resumé. To create your e-resumé, click on each of the section links and input your information. Be sure to click the ‘Update’ or ‘Add’ button after any information is input to ensure your information is saved.

How do I update my e-resumé?
To update your e-resumé, go to the section that you want to update by clicking the appropriate link on the top menu. Edit your e-resumé and save your changes by clicking the ‘Update’ button or the ‘Add’ button.

What can my e-resumé be used for?
Once you have created an e-résumé, you can use it to apply for civil service open competitions.

You can also add your e-resumé to the corporate resumé database if you are interested in other employment opportunities within the government of New Brunswick’s Civil Service including casual employment. e-Recruitment also permits qualified candidates to register online for the EEO program using their e-resume.

How many competitions can I apply for?
You can apply for as many competitions as you wish. Your e-resumé should be customized for each competition you apply for.

If I add my e-resumé to the corporate resumé database, can I remove it at any time?

Yes. If you add your e-resumé to the corporate resumé database you can remove it at any time by un-checking the “Please add my e-resumé to the corporate resumé database…” checkbox in the Preferences section of Additional Information. Important: If you add your e-resumé to the corporate resumé database, please make sure your e-resumé is kept up to date because civil service HR personnel will always see the most current version of it.

Who has access to view my e-resumé/application?

  • If you apply for a specific competition, HR personnel involved in the recruitment process in the hiring department will have access to view your application.
  • If you add your e-resumé to the corporate resumé database, all HR personnel with appropriate access (regardless of their department) will have access to view your most current e-resumé.

How can I follow up for information on the application I’ve submitted?
You can follow up with the hiring department for information on any applications you have submitted. For a list of HR contacts for competitions in each department, click here.

I’ve applied for a competition, how do I withdraw my application?
To withdraw your application, click on the Application History link on the top menu and click the withdraw button beside the competition you wish to withdraw your application from. If the withdraw button does not appear, you will have to contact the HR branch of the hiring department to have your application withdrawn.

If I register for the EEO program, can I unregister at any time?
Yes, you can remove your EEO registration form at any time by clicking the “Withdraw” button from the EEO Program Registration section.

Who has access to view my EEO registration form?
Once your registration form has been approved, it will be made available to EEO program staff and authorized human resource personnel in government departments. It may also be made available to Directors or Managers looking to hire within the New Brunswick Civil Service.  Please note that when your e-Resume is made available to potential hiring managers or directors, they are only able to see that you are registered in the EEO program. They are not able to see which client group to which you belong or any detailed health-related information you may have provided.

How will I know if I am registered with the EEO program?
Once you submit your registration, your EEO status will show “Under Review” in the Equal Employment Opportunity Program section of your e-resumé. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a letter confirming your status with the program and your status will be updated accordingly on your e-resume.

How can I follow up on my EEO registration status?
You can follow up on your EEO registration status by checking the Equal Employment Opportunity Program section of your e-resumé to see if your status has changed or by contacting the EEO program staff by e-mail: or by phone at 1-855-825-3367.

What security measures are in place to safeguard my data?
e-Recruitment is a secure website. You will note in the web address that the letters http are followed by an ‘s’ indicating a secure site. As well, only users with access privileges are able to view data.

If I add my resumé to the corporate resumé database, will my resumé automatically be submitted for competitions I am qualified for?
No, you must still submit a separate application for each competition in which you are interested and feel you possess the desired qualifications.


I am not currently employed by the New Brunswick public service. Can I request feedback on my interview?
Yes, if you were interviewed for an advertised position with the public service you may request feedback.

Does feedback have to be provided in person?
All reasonable efforts will be made to provide face to face feedback. In certain situations where this approach is not viable, telephone or e-mail methods of communication may be substituted.

When can I request feedback?
You have 30 days after the status changes to “position filled” to request feedback.

Who will be providing me with the feedback?
The chair of the interview board is responsible for providing feedback.

How long does the department have to respond to my request for feedback?
The department must respond to your request for feedback in a timely manner, not to exceed 30 calendar days after the date on which the department receives it.

What can I request feedback on?

  • The selection criteria
  • The selection tools
  • The assessment methods 
  • Your performance during the interview

Will the department tell me whether my references played a role in the final decision?
Yes, the department may identify that the references checks were not favourable and played a role in the final decision.

Will I be provided with an opportunity to review documentation related to my candidacy?
Yes, you will be provided with an opportunity, upon request, to view documentation used as part of the screening or selection process relating to your candidacy. Copies will not be provided.

Who is the departmental deputy head?
The deputy head is the chief administrator of each department or agency that comprises the civil service. See Section 1 of the Civil Service Act for a complete list of departments.

I applied for an advertised position and I was screened- in for further consideration. Am I required to go through the feedback process if I want to file a complaint?
Feedback is encouraged and provides an opportunity to openly share information so that you may better understand the department’s decision. However, you are not required to request feedback.

When can I file a complaint if I have completed the feedback process?
You have up to 15 calendar days after receiving feedback to file a complaint to the departmental deputy head.

When can I file a complaint if I did not obtain feedback?
You have up to 45 calendar days after the status column changes to “position filled” to file a complaint.

Who knows that I have filed a complaint?
The interview board, the director of human resources, and the departmental deputy minister will be aware that you have filed a complaint.

I applied for an advertised position and I was screened in for further consideration. I am not satisfied with the response of the departmental deputy head. How long do I have to complain to the Ombudsman?
You have 30 calendar days from the date on which you receive a response from the departmental deputy head under step one to file a complaint with the Ombudsman.

Does the Office of the Ombudsman defend the department’s actions or do they advocate for me?
The Office of the Ombudsman is an independent office of the Legislative Assembly and must be impartial when investigating and determining the outcome of a complaint.

What happens if more than one screened-in candidate files a complaint on the same competition?
Each complaint is considered individually on the basis of the grounds submitted.

Does a complaint mean the appointment will not proceed?
The fact that a review has been requested does not prevent the departmental deputy head from following through on the appointment.

What does the “status date” column mean?
As a department progresses through the various stages of the staffing process (i.e. Competition Closed , Interviews in Progress, and Position Filled), the status column will change.  The “status date” column will also be updated to reflect the change in status.