FREDERICTON (GNB) – The first session of the 60th legislative assembly adjourned today with another 28 bills passed, focused on developing vibrant and sustainable communities, protecting the environment and improving the education system.

“This has been a session unlike any other, as our top priority has been to protect New Brunswickers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Premier Blaine Higgs. “Despite the many challenges we have faced, we have made excellent progress in our goal of reinventing New Brunswick. We are on the right track toward creating a stronger and more resilient and self-sufficient province.”

Some of the legislation that has passed and received royal assent this session includes:

  • amendments aimed at empowering the education system, including changes that will allow teachers with specialized training to administer and interpret certain assessments to support the development of student learning plans;
  • legislation to enhance the conservation of fish and wildlife populations;
  • amendments to reduce personal income tax;
  • amendments to the Police Act to modernize the effectiveness of municipal and regional police forces, safeguard the professionalism of police officers and strengthen the Municipal Police Assistance Fund;
  • legislation that will enable the provincial government to gather a list of vaping businesses to enable inspections, provide more opportunities for education and increase accountability among retailers;
  • a renewal of the provincial government’s commitment to cut red tape and reduce the regulatory burden through 2026;
  • the introduction of the Bee Act, which will modernize the management of New Brunswick’s bee industry and better protect the health of bees; and
  • amendments to allow for the use of image-capturing enforcement systems, such as school bus cameras, photo radar, red-light cameras and automated licence plate readers to gather evidence of potential violations of specified offences of the Motor Vehicle Act.

“We continue to demonstrate that we are doing what is right for New Brunswickers,” said government house leader Glen Savoie. “In this session, we brought forth effective change and unprecedented results, and these are hallmarks of the Higgs government.”