FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government is inviting stakeholders to participate, for the first time, in reviewing the departmental budgets that affect them as part of the Strategic Program Review.

“We are looking to redesign government and we need support and input from our stakeholders to make that a reality,” said Health Minister Victor Boudreau, who is also minister responsible for Strategic Program Review. “This is a great opportunity for departments to evaluate their programs and services to better serve New Brunswickers now and in the future.”

Stakeholder meetings mark the beginning of phase two of Engage NB, the public engagement portion of the Strategic Program Review Process.

Departments have been provided with a fiscal target for developing proposals to reduce their budgets. They will review their targets with stakeholders and revisit their programs and services. Stakeholders are invited to look at every aspect of the department and to identify any opportunities for efficiencies or savings.

“The government is looking to its stakeholders for ideas on how to provide better programs and services as we face our fiscal challenges,” said Boudreau. “This is not about across-the-board cuts but about working together to create a more efficient government that is better adapted to the needs and requirements of New Brunswickers.”

A summary of the input received during phase one of Engage NB was released in the What Was Said report and is available online.

The third phase of public engagement will provide the public with an opportunity to provide input on specific options being considered.

Decisions will be made in time to be implemented in the 2016-17 budget.

New Brunswickers are encouraged to visit the website for more information and ongoing updates.