Government of New Brunswick

How much does your service cost?

 It’s calculated on the number of kilometers driven. It’s much less than a commercial ride. Cost may vary in different regions of the province.

Can more than one person come with me?

Yes, but all passengers, including children, must be registered. 

During Covid our procedures are a little different as rules and regulations need to be followed. All safety precautions are met and followed through ESIC.

How do I qualify as a client?                         

You can be referred by a community non-profit agency/organization or you can apply as an individual.

What qualifies as a driving request?

 Drives to food banks, medical appointments, chemo and/or radiation therapy, counseling sessions, recreation, shopping, banking, etc. Services may vary in certain regions.

Are your volunteer drivers screened and is it safe during COVID?

Volunteers drivers must meet all screening criteria including a criminal record check and social development check and have to sign a volunteer driver waiver following all COVID protocols and procedures including an instructional video of PPE.  All vehicles are sanitized between drives and it is mandatory that both the client and volunteer driver wear a mask.  If clients do not have their own one will be given by the volunteer driver as clients are not to get into any vehicle without a mask.