FREDERICTON (GNB) – Anyone wanting to apply for a chance to be drawn for the 2019 moose hunt may do so from now until June 14.

“Recent changes to the Moose Hunting Regulation under the Fish and Wildlife Act are good news for hunters who have been unsuccessful in the draw for numerous years,” said Energy and Resource Development Minister Mike Holland. “I wish all hunters the best of luck in the draw and hope everyone has a safe and successful season.”

The number of ballots available to applicants whose names have not been drawn for 20 years or more in the random computerized draw will increase to 243 from 81. This will increase their probability of success to 93.9 per cent.

Another change will require applicants to provide proof of proper Firearms Safety/Hunter Education training or previous hunting experience prior to applying. If born before Jan.1,1981, a hunter can show a previous licence or sign an online affidavit stating they have a held a previous hunting licence.

This year there are 4,744 licences available. The season runs from Sept. 24 to 28.

Applicants may avoid delays by logging into their e-licensing account and ensuring all information on their Outdoors Card is up to date. This is the second year of the revalidation process. Hunters who received their cards in 2016 will need to revalidate this year. More details are available online.

Applications for a moose licence may be made by:

  • visiting the Department of Energy and Resource Development website, through the e-licensing system. The application fee will be billed to the applicant’s Visa, MasterCard or debit account;
  • going in person to an authorized vendor or any Service New Brunswick centre; or
  • calling 1-900-565-1500 on a Bell landline. Callers will have the application fee billed to the number from where they call.

Please note the toll-free 1-800 line, which allowed callers to charge their application fee to a credit card over the phone, is no longer available.

The cost of applying for a moose licence is $9.55 (HST included).

Hunters have until closing time on June 14 to apply for the draw in person; until 8 p.m. the same day to apply by telephone; and until midnight to apply online.

The results will be available July 8. More information is available on the department’s website, as well as at all department offices, vendors and Service New Brunswick centres.

By obtaining an Outdoors Card through the e-licensing system, applicants can preserve the draw history from previous applications.

The following is the number of licences available for the 2019 resident moose draw by wildlife management zone (WMZ):

WMZ   Licences

1.         138

2.         433

3.         356

4.         392

5.         227

6.         354

7.         396

8.         252

9.         60

10.       80

11.       232

12.       300

13.       112

14.       121

15.       124

16.       207

17.       155

18.       175

19.       77

20.       143

21.       88

22.       90

23.       107

24.       43

25.       82