FREDERICTON (GNB) – New Brunswickers are encouraged to spruce up their homes this holiday season by taking home a local, sustainably grown Christmas tree or wreath.

“Whether you purchase a tree from a retail vendor or harvest it yourself at a tree farm, buying a sustainably grown, local Christmas tree or wreath is a great way to celebrate this time of year and support New Brunswick’s farmers and our local economy,” said Agriculture, Mines and Rural Affairs Minister Andrew Harvey.

New Brunswick is a major supplier of Christmas trees and wreaths in North America. The sector is an important revenue generator and provider of seasonal employment, mainly in rural areas.

“By buying a local Christmas tree or wreath this holiday season, New Brunswickers are helping to support New Brunswick tree farmers and producers, as well as our environment and our economy,” said Energy and Resource Development Minister Rick Doucet.

More than 180 New Brunswick farmers produce thousands of Christmas trees each year, generating up to $15 million in sales.

Tips to keep in mind when choosing your Christmas tree:

  • Real Christmas trees are an all-natural option, with no plastic or chemicals.
  • Measure your door frames and rooms to ensure you do not buy a tree that is too big. Take a tape measure with you when you shop.
  • Not sure how to identify a fresh tree? Fresh needles will not fall off when you slide your hand along the branches, and the branch will not break when you bend them.
  • Take good care of your tree by cutting the bottom five centimetres off the trunk when you get it home, and water your tree daily.

Locally grown Christmas trees and wreaths are not the only way you can decorate your home this season. Add a festive touch with a locally produced garland, poinsettia or amaryllis.