FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government is welcoming news that Emera’s bid for a major clean-energy program in Massachusetts will rely on proposed renewable energy projects in New Brunswick.

“This proposal represents an incredible opportunity for New Brunswick to capitalize on its resources to provide clean, renewable energy. Responsible resource development has the potential to create jobs and help grow our economy,” said Energy and Resource Development Minister Rick Doucet.

Emera’s proposal would see the construction of the Atlantic Link, a 375-mile high-voltage direct current interconnection between Coleson Cove and Plymouth, Mass.

As part of the proposal, Emera would obtain its energy from 1,200 MW of capacity from five new wind farms to be built by independent developers in New Brunswick and two in Nova Scotia. Wind would provide more than 70 per cent of the supply with hydro providing the balance.

NB Power, which holds an option to participate in the Atlantic Link as a minority investor, would be one of two suppliers of hydro power. The project represents an opportunity for NB Power to create additional revenue through transmission tariffs or renewable energy generation sales through hydro generation.

“New Brunswick has many advantages to offer, including a robust transmission system with connections to the American market. Your government is committed to attract new investment and revenues in clean electricity to benefit all New Brunswickers,” said Doucet.