FREDERICTON (GNB) – Anyone wishing to apply for the 2016 antlerless deer hunt can do so from July 18 to Aug. 19.

The number of permits for the 2016 season will be down slightly from last year. Provincewide, 1,800 permits will be allowed, down 450 from 2,250 in 2015. The decrease occurs primarily in central and southern New Brunswick.

“I wish all applicants luck in this year’s draw,” said Energy and Resource Development Minister Rick Doucet. “Hunting is a New Brunswick tradition, one which many families enjoy together.”

New Brunswickers can apply for the draw through the Department of Energy and Resource Development’s e-licensing system. Applicants can use their Outdoors Card number to complete their application online, at Service New Brunswick centres and at registered vendors. A list of registered vendors is available online.

The following is a list of wildlife management zones (WMZ) and the 2016 quota of antlerless deer permits allocated in each:

WMZ              Licences

1                     Buck only

2                     Buck only

3                     Buck only

4                     Closed

5                     Closed

6                     Buck only

7                     Buck only

8                     Buck only

9                     Closed

10                   Buck only

11                   Buck only

12                   Buck only

13                   Buck only

14                   Buck only

15                   Buck only

16                   50

17                   Buck only

18                   Buck only

19                   Buck only

20                   100

21                   Buck only

22                   600

23                   600

24                   Buck only

25                   Buck only

26                   50

27                   400