Government of New Brunswick

The Committee on the Status of Species at Risk (COSSAR) provides scientific input, advice, and expertise to the responsible Minister on any matter relating to the biological assessment of Species at Risk in New Brunswick, including advice on prioritization of wildlife species for assessment.

COSSAR assesses the biological status of a wildlife species based on a status report provided by the Minister. The Committee uses the best available scientific, community and Aboriginal traditional knowledge. The Committee classifies species it assesses as: extirpated, endangered, threatened, special concern, not at risk, or, indicates that it does not have enough information to accurately classify the species. Within 30 days after the Committee delivers its assessment to the Minister it is published on the public registry page for that species.

Committee members are appointed by the Minister to 4-year terms and have expertise in one or more of these disciplines: ecology, conservation biology, population dynamics, taxonomy, systematics, genetics and Aboriginal traditional knowledge of the conservation of wildlife species. The Minister provides support to the Committee through the participation of staff, with responsibilities for species at risk, as non-voting committee members.

  Members Name / Voting Status

Voting Member Non-voting Member
Dr. Connie Browne Mr. Chris Norfolk*, Chair, DNRED
Dr. Donald McAlpine Ms. Mary Sabine*, DNRED
Dr. Graham Forbes Mr. Hubert Askanas*, DNRED
Dr. Rene Malenfant  
Dr. Rob Johns  
Mr. Sean Blaney  
Ms. Deanna Sappier  

  * Non-voting DNRED members