Government of New Brunswick

Every successful deer hunter must have their deer registered, and be issued a registration permit.

The deer may be left at a cold storage facility or butcher for up to 15 days if a copy of the registration permit is left with the carcass.

A deer must be registered no later than 24 hours following harvest of the deer.

There are two options to register a deer:

1.  Deer Registration Stations

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Deer Registration Map Application

2.  Online Registration

Hunters with access to the internet may choose to register their big game harvest online:

Online Registration of Big Game Harvest


  1. Deer harvested under a Nuisance Deer Management Assistance Program Permit (NDMAP)
  2. Female deer harvested on Grand Manan (WMZ 27) if you wish to purchase a second licence