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Interested in taking the home study option for bowhunter education or hunter education? Although offices are still closed to the public, students aged 12 years and up can now study from the comfort of their own home and when ready, schedule a time to do the written and practical tests. Students can call their nearest district office to register. 

Registration will only be done by telephone as offices are closed to the public. In order to register by phone you will need your Outdoor Card and a credit card.

Anyone born in 1981, or after, must successfully pass both the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and the Atlantic Hunter Education Course. Please note, the CFSC is still an in-classroom course only.

We are beginning to plan for in-classroom courses and some areas of the Province will start with the backlog of students that were displaced during the COVID shutdown in September. These courses will not be open to the public unless there are unfilled seats. Please note, some areas no longer have a feasible, safe venue to hold a course. Please consider attending a course in another jurisdiction or patiently wait until a course is held in your area of preference.

Persons requiring a Conservation Education Course in French or English, where a course in their official language of choice is not currently being offered should contact the Training Resource Officer, Annette Gallant Carter, or 506-444-4689 for resolution.