Government of New Brunswick


Zones 4, 5 and 9 are closed to deer hunting.



Camps, Parks & Historical Sites

Scout, guide and youth camps, parks and historical sites are closed to hunting and trapping. Firearms must be cased in these areas.



Protected Natural Areas


Hunting, trapping and snaring are prohibited. Boundaries are posted with signs.


  • Hunting, trapping and snaring are permitted.
  • Bear baiting is allowed no earlier than two weeks before the season opens.
  • Bait containers must be removed within two weeks after the season closes.
  • Cutting vegetation for a shooting lane is prohibited.
  • Cutting vegetation – such as bushes, shrubs, tree branches and non-woody vegetation – to construct and/or camouflage a waterfowl hunting blind is permitted, but only in the immediate vicinity of the blind.

Bringing bushes, shrubs, tree branches and other vegetation into a Protected Natural Area is prohibited.



National Wildlife Areas

These include:

  • Tintamarre
  • Shepody
  • Cape Jourimain
  • Portobello Creek
  • Portage Island.

The possession of lead shot is prohibited. Other restrictions include the use of motor vehicles, fires and camping.

Contact:  Environment Canada  506-364-5032.



Other Areas

Hunting and trapping are not permitted within the boundaries of Sentier NB Trail or a provincial park.