Government of New Brunswick
Zebra Mussels - Promo

The zebra mussel, a black and white striped clam-like animal is spreading from the Great Lakes region and could invade New Brunswick. A tiny animal, it measures three centimetres long or smaller.

This aquatic hitchhiker, along with other exotic animals and plants, can cause significant harm to our ecosystems and fish populations.    

When you fish, you may unknowingly carry unwanted species to new areas. Once they are here, it is virtually impossible to get rid of them.   

  • As you leave the water, remove all mud, plants, etc. from fishing gear, boots, boat and any items that you have used. 
  • Dry equipment and remove water from live-wells, bilge and transom wells. 
  • Use hot (40° C) or salt water to clean your equipment before using it in another water body. 
  • Kill harmful aquatic life by soaking items in 100% vinegar for 20 minutes or 1% table salt solution for 24 hours.  

Remember: You can protect our native fish.