Government of New Brunswick

Landlocked Salmon


Brook Trout


Stocking Targets

We aim to stock the following numbers of fish to waters throughout New Brunswick each year:                     

Species Season Quantity Life Stage/ Code Length (cm)
Brook Trout


Fall 60,000 Fingerling/ FF 10 – 15
Spring 100,000 Yearling/ SY 15 – 20
Landlocked Salmon Spring 46,000 Yearling/ SY 12 - 18

However, there will be times when additional fish must be released as a result of a surplus. These fish are not part of the annual fish stocking program and will usually be released as:        

Life Stage Code
fry Fry
fall yearling FY
adult A

Stocking Program Assessment

Before being stocked, each fish has a fin clipped. This is to help identify a stocked fish from a wild fish. If you catch a brook trout or landlocked salmon with a fin clip while fishing please add a note on your annual angler survey indicating the fork length, the water body, the date of capture and which fin was clipped using the letter codes below. Your information is important to help us evaluate the stocking program!

Fin-Clip Code
Adipose AD
Left Ventral LV
Right Ventral RV

NOTE: Stocking amounts were below target in 2013 due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances at the growers' facilities.