Government of New Brunswick

Your information such as name, address and contact information will be collected once when you FIRST access e-Licensing. You can do this in advance or when you purchase a licence.

At this time you will be assigned a unique Outdoors Card number. This number will always be displayed on your licences.


New Brunswick Residents

New Brunswick residents must have a valid New Brunswick Driver’s Licence number or New Brunswick Photo Identification number (both issued by SNB) to prove their New Brunswick residency. Your number and date of birth will be validated when entered in e-Licensing. Residency status allows you to access resident licences and draws.

If you have neither of the above, you can visit any SNB Centre to show other proof of residency. Click here to see other acceptable proof of residency.

*Every 3 years from when you registered, you will be required to re-enter your New Brunswick Driver’s Licence number or New Brunswick Photo Identification number to revalidate your residency status or show other proof of residency at an SNB Centre. This can be done online or in person at an authorized vendor or SNB Centre up to six (6) months before your birthday (expiry date is your birthday). Clients living out of province that meet NB residency requirements can email their documents to


NB Conservation Education Card or NRED Client number

If you have a NB Conservation Education Card or an NRED Client number, this number can be entered in e-Licensing to link your profile with any previous training you have taken in the province, allowing you to purchase licences that require specific training.

An NRED Client number can be found on:

  • fuel wood, tipping, and wood cutting permit issued by NRED since 2009
  • any draw application receipts issued by NRED since 2010
  • Crown reserve licence issued since 2012
  • Conservation Education certification card issued since 2011

Email address

If you wish to purchase licences ONLINE, you will need an individual email address (not shared with anyone else including any members in your household). This is to allow an email to be sent if you forget your password and to receive electronic receipts for purchases.

ERD may occasionally send surveys to the public electronically.