Government of New Brunswick

Species at Risk (SAR), whether they are plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, fishes, or other living species, are those that are in danger of disappearing from the province due to the impact of human activity. The Province of New Brunswick works collaboratively with researchers, conservation organizations and other groups, to identify and protect these species. 

The NB Species at Risk program focusses on assessment, recovery and protection of species at risk.

The provincial Species at Risk Public Registry has been established to track the progress across these three activities by provide public access to the ministerial statements, timelines and documents that are required under the Species at Risk Act. In the case of species assessment, the entries will provide the species status report and results of the assessment. The recovery information provided for each species includes the outcome of the recovery feasibility assessment, the anticipated timeline for completion of recovery planning, the recovery strategy, action plan and management plan. The entries pertaining to protection include protection assessments, anticipated timeline for completion of protection assessments, recommendations against prohibitions or habitat designations, protection orders, and permits.