Government of New Brunswick

Hunters may choose to register their harvested big game animal through the Big Game Registration Portal or a registration station for bear, deer or moose.

New for 2023: When registering a deer at a private deer registration station, hunters must now make a payment of $4.00 + HST directly to the deer registration agent.


  1. Deer harvested under a Nuisance Deer Management Assistance Program Permit (NDMAP)
  2. Female deer harvested on Grand Manan (WMZ 27) if you wish to purchase a second licence

Online registration requires the client to provide their Outdoors Card Number, Date of Birth, and Hunting Licence Number, in addition to information about the animal.

With online registration, a hunter can choose to have their registration permit sent to them as an electronic copy by email, or as a paper copy by regular mail. 

PLEASE NOTE: A hunter choosing the electronic email option must have the capability to PRINT and SIGN the registration permit.  Only a signed paper copy of the permit may be presented to a butcher shop or cold storage facility.

If you plan to leave your animal at a cold storage facility, but cannot print your electronic permit, please do not register your animal online.  Instead, visit an in-person registration station.

For a period of up to 72 hours following on-line registration of harvest, hunters are required to provide opportunity for inspection of the animal carcass, or parts, upon request by a Conservation Officer or an Assistant Conservation Officer, at the place of storage.

Deer: A deer must be registered no later than 24 hours following harvest of the deer.

Bear: A bear must be registered no later than 72 hours following harvest of the bear. 

Moose: Harvested moose must be registered no later than 12 o’clock noon on the day immediately following the closing of the moose season.

Moose and bear hunters
must collect a tooth from their harvested animal and deliver it to an office of the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development during regular business hours, within 14 days of online registration. Tooth collection instructions are available at this link.  Hunters must bring their printed, signed registration permit for validation with the tooth delivery.

Failure to provide the mandatory moose or bear tooth sample within 14 days of online registration will result in the hunter being ineligible to apply to the following year’s resident moose hunting license draw.