Government of New Brunswick

From Sept. 1 to Dec. 31


Being visible while hunting or trapping is essential for your safety! The following people must wear a solid or camouflage fluorescent hunter orange jacket or vest and a hat of solid fluorescent hunter orange:

  • Hunters
  • Fur harvesters carrying a firearm
  • Licensed guides (while guiding hunters)

Jackets, vests and hats must be visible from all directions. Camouflage fluorescent orange jackets and vests must have a camouflage pattern that contains at least 50% hunter orange.

The requirement to wear hunter orange does not apply to:

  • waterfowl hunters; and
  • bow and crossbow hunters licensed to hunt deer once they are in a tree stand or ground blind during the deer archery season only.

The use of high-visibility garments is intended to make hunting as safe as possible for participants. Hunters are also reminded that thousands of people engage in other forms of outdoor work and recreation in our forests, marshes and fields. They are not required to wear high-visibility garments, and hunters should use caution at all times.