Government of New Brunswick

Planning to fish sea-run Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick? The following rules apply. Refer to the Fish booklet for detailed information. 


Fisheries and Oceans Canada has announced that the mandatory catch and release requirement Atlantic salmon remains in effect for 2017:   

  • The yearly fishing quota for small salmon (grilse) and large salmon is zero and all sea-run Atlantic salmon must be live released as soon as they are landed.

Further information is available here.



Angling methods

Salmon may be angled by casting or trolling. An unweighted artificial fly is required when angling for sea-run salmon. During the black salmon (kelt) fishery, barbless artificial flies are required on certain waters. 

Further information is available in the Fish booklet.




Non-residents require a licensed New Brunswick guide when fishing for sea-run Atlantic salmon or any species of fish on Guide Required Waters after specific dates. Refer to the Recreational Fishery Area (RFA) descriptions in the Fish booklet for a listing of guide required waters and dates.

A professional guide (Guide I) can angle and hook a salmon on behalf of their client. Professional Guides (Guide I) and their clients cannot fish at the same time. 



Fish New Brunswick Days

Fish New Brunswick days are held annually on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month of June. Resident and non-resident anglers may fish for all fish species including salmon without purchasing a licence these days unless their angling privileges have been revoked. Non-residents may also fish without a guide on these days. All other current angling regulations apply.  




Children – both resident and non-resident – can fish for salmon without a licence if accompanied by a person who has an Atlantic salmon licence. Salmon live released by the child are counted towards the licence holder’s daily live release limit.   

Children 10 to 15 years of age must buy a licence if they want their own daily live release limit of Atlantic salmon. 



Daily live release limit

Once you reach your daily live release limit you must stop fishing sea-run Atlantic salmon for the day. The maximum number of Atlantic salmon you may live release on a daily basis varies between Recreational Fishery areas and between spring and summer angling seasons. Refer to the Fish booklet for specific details.