Government of New Brunswick

Resident Moose Draw Applications


Starting in spring 2015, you will be able to apply to the resident moose draw using e-Licensing.

Resident Moose Draw applications will be from May 19 to June 12, 2015.

Steps to apply to the 2015 Resident Moose Draw



Resident Moose Licences

Resident moose licences are not available at this time in e-Licensing. If you are successful in the Resident Moose Draw in 2015 you will no longer be required to show a New Brunswick Medicare Card at the time of purchase of your moose licence. Instead, you will need to show your Outdoors Card.



Resident Moose Draw History

Your NB Resident Moose Draw History (if applicable) can be linked on a voluntarily basis to an e-Licensing profile if the NB Medicare, DND or RCMP number is provided. This allows for previous Resident Moose Draw application history to be kept for the purpose of maintaining your priority pool.  If you choose to not link your Resident Moose Draw History, you will be starting from the bottom pool (Pool 0) in the priority pools. Click here for more information on pool identification and your odds of winning the draw.  

During registration you will be asked to provide your NB Medicare, DND or RCMP number. You do not have to link your NB Resident Moose Draw history at the time of registration. You can link your history any time by accessing your profile and providing the required information. If you wish to maintain your draw history, it must be done before the end of the Resident Moose Draw application period.