Government of New Brunswick

Wayne Lockhart

Sisters Brook North

Commodity: Tin, tungsten, molybdenum

Claim block number (units): 9671 (49)

NTS Location: 21 J/10

Contact Information: 778-833-2283
[email protected]




Property Description: The Sisters Brook North Property is within the Hayesville basal till anomaly that has the highest (99th percentile) values for Sn/W/Mo within all of southwestern and central New Brunswick. These values exceed those in the area of past producing Mount Pleasant Tin/Tungsten mine. Exploration by Shell Canada Resources Ltd. defined significant large anomalous areas in 1980 that have not been further explored. This property encompasses these anomalous areas.

The Sisters Brook North Sn/W/Mo mineralization is associated with a 1 x 2 km Devonian Age quartz monzonite plug that intruded sedimentary and volcanic rocks of probable Ordovician age within the Miramichi geo-anticline. Shell Canada Resources Ltd. initiated regional exploration in New Brunswick for Sn/W/Mo in the mid 1970’s. Shell staked claims in the Sisters Brook/Dungarvon Brook area in 1978 to focus on targets identified by their regional exploration. Exploration to 1980 included sampling stream silts, soils and tills in the Upper Sisters Brook area. This work located significant large and intense tin anomalies (max 2061 ppm Sn) and other significant Sn/W anomalies that are open beyond their soil survey limits. Additional exploration was recommended and planned on a “broad tin-tungsten till anomaly remains open to the east” and “an intense tin anomaly with no obvious tungsten association is sharply defined and is open to the south. The strongest parts of this anomaly should be stripped and trenched. Detailed structural and stratigraphic mapping of the trenches may serve to justify diamond drilling.” World economic conditions in 1981 caused Shell to halt all exploration before these very strong Sn/W anomalies could be further explored. There has been no further exploration of this area in the following 40 years.

New interest in the Hayesville area was created by the Province of New Brunswick (EMP) release of the results of a Basal Till Survey of the Hayesville Map Sheet NTS 21J/10 in 2005. Map plates 2005-1 (A, B, and C). Once again, this interest too was halted when World economic conditions in 2008 caused a cessation of exploration in general before any work was commenced on the Sisters Brook North area.                         

The Sisters Brook North Sn/W/Mo property has clearly identified targets that justify significant expenditures to further develop this potential Sn/W mine.